11 Turkey Tourism Attractions You Couldn’t Miss

11 Turkey Tourism Attractions You Couldn’t Miss
11 Turkey Tourism Attractions You Couldn’t Miss

Turkey tourism attractions are prominent around the world. Turkey is an only European_ Asian country in the world. This combination may be claimed to be one of the reasons behind its popularity. There are countless of Turkey tourism attractions, but we mention to 11 most charming places in visitors view.

11 Turkey Tourism Attractions You Couldn’t Miss!

Turkey tourism attractions are prominent around the world. Turkey country is an only European_ Asian country in the world. This combination may be claimed to be one of the reasons behind its popularity.

11 Turkey Tourism Attractions You Couldn’t Miss
11 Turkey Tourism Attractions You Couldn’t Miss

Asian cultural and historical elements collaborate with European elements such as beach creation, restaurants, and hotels to make Turkey tourism attractions more appealing. There are countless of Turkey tourism attractions, but we mention to 11 most charming places in visitors view.

1. The Princes Islands

If you look for a reclusive and cozy beach to take a new breath and spend a relaxing time there, Princess Islands with snug nature is waiting for you. Istanbul’s spellbinder bright has settled in the western part of Istanbul and is about 20 kilometers away from the western part of the city.

It is introduced as the capital of European culture in 2010. It is a combination of 4 large and 5 small islands in the Sea of Marmara. Transportation by the carriage on nostalgic roads will turn to an unforgettable memory for those who look for cozy nature a mong other Turkey tourism attractions.

princes islands in istanbul
princes islands in istanbul

2. Pamukkale stair-like springs – Turkey Tourism Attractions

Pamukkale stair-like springs, one of the oldest Turkey tourism attraction, is UNESCO”s world heritage and is popular with tourists from all around the world, particularly Europe, East Asia, Latin America as well as Russia.

Pamukkale is located in Denizli city and is famous for its warm mineral-rich water and also its white travertine terraces.

You enjoy strolling along travertine terraces in the hot spring in spring. These springs are even warm and favorable in winter which makes it popular turkey tourism attraction.

Pamukkale stair -Turkey Tourism Attractions
Pamukkale stair -Turkey Tourism Attractions

3. Cappadocia

Cappadocia is not a city or a beach. It is combination of several villages, where the earth has been eroded in million years. These villages were built in the heart of mountains in the form of the cave by previous residents.

Cappadocia is 376 kilometers from Ankara and 370 kilometers from Istanbul. You must pass this distance by bus to reach this Turkey tourism attraction and it makes it a little difficult to access. However, it could not hinder the traveler’s visits.

They can’t miss sightseeing in this wonderful place with special handmade home structures and fascinating nature. Moreover, Cappadocia is famous for ballooning which is a very delightful creation and has a festival every year.


4. Mediterranean coastline

This is another popular Turkey tourism attraction in the heart of nature.

Traveling to Bodrum and Fethiye, tourists enjoy forest slope, hidden sports shelters on sandy beaches and a hundred islands are the most beautiful places that make everyone, even those who do not enjoy the beach, to love it.

One of the most famous cruises in turkey is a blue cruise from west of Fethiye to Olympus Mountain that is the most famous natural event in Chimaera.

5. Oludeniz

You could have a short trip from Fethiye and reach Oludeniz the most famous preserved bay in Turkey. Surprisingly, Oludeniz is one of the world’s best places for parachuting.

The water is incredibly turquoise and a glory green forest is flaunting along with the sand beach. These sights could not be repetitive for visitors. You can imagine how parachuting and diving from above Babadagh Mountain be attractive.

oludeniz turkey
oludeniz turkey

6. Sumela Monastery

If you are interested in history and traditions, Turkey has lots of surprises to you among which Sumela Monastery (Virgin Mary), is one of the popular and famous ones.

Standing gloriously and lonely on the rock, Sumela becomes one of the most beautiful tourist places in Turkey. It has a home along with the Black sea.

Hanging out around this abounded monastery and its church inside space full of stunning colored plastered walls is full of joy to who experiences vi siting such places in Turkey. Sumela was closed in 1923.

Sumela Monastery -Turkey Tourism Attractions
Sumela Monastery -Turkey Tourism Attractions

7. Aya Sofya

Another Turkey tourism attraction which is one of the world’s most famous buildings is Aya Sofya.

AyaSofya is Turkey’s most popular and most visited place in Istanbul. Interestingly, it was the world’s largest church in the past and is registered in UNESCO.

It is a building in the city center which is easily recognized with a large dome and four charming minarets that are showing off in top.

If you are going to visit AyaSofya, remember that you won’t visit just a simple building, but a 1500 years old church, mosque, and museum. Its mosaic collections, large and golden calligraphy works, special architecture and extensions mesmerize every visitor.

Aya Sofya
Aya Sofya

8. Mevlana Museum and tomb in Konya

Mevlana tomb is another historical and cultural place known as a Turkey tourism attraction. A tourist can’t leave Konya without visiting this place.

Molona was an Iranian poet known to all Sufis and ascetics. He is of great value to poetry and art lovers. Next to his tomb, you can see a museum in which the historical manuscripts and musical instruments are preserved.

This place donated by Seljugy king Soltan Allaeddin was Mevlana’s life and teaching place in the past. Every year his lovers, Called dervish in Turkey, play special fascinating dance by whirling that is unique in the world.

Mevlana Museum and tomb in Konya
Mevlana Museum and tomb in Konya

9. Ephesus, oldest Turkey tourism attraction

Ephesus city which dates back to about 5000 BC, is ruins of an ancient city from the Eastern Roman Empire and ancient Greek time.

It is one of the most valuable and largest collections located in 3 kilometers of Seljuk town 70 kilometers from Izmir and 20 kilometers from Kuşadası.

Ephesus with 6000 population was the second-largest city in the world in the first century. Due to numerous documents and artworks discovered in Ephesus, it was categorized as one of the most important historical remains of religious background.

Undoubtedly, you will get surprised by the energy and creativity created by ancient residents a thousand years ago.

Ephesus oldest Turkey tourism attraction
Ephesus oldest Turkey tourism attraction

10. Nubian Mountain, Turkey tourism attraction in autumn

Mount Nubian in Undokuz county of Samsun province is the most Turkey tourism attraction in autumn. Diverse plant species, roaring waterfalls, vast plains, make a memorable relaxing experience.

Hikers and nature tourists come to Nubian every year to enjoy its charming autumn nature. You can enjoy doing rock climbing, mount climbing, trekking, paragliding, and wildlife photography there.

11. Nemrut mountain in turkey

This mountain has become a unique name and most visited Turkey tourism attractions, despite the giant symbols.

It represents civilization in Comanzh Empire and you can see giant statues of human faces at the 50 meters height.

The sculptures in these mountains symbolize characters like Apollo, Fortuna, Zeus, Heracles, and Antiochus.

Nemrut mountain in turkey
Nemrut mountain in turkey

It is one of the unique monuments that you won’t find its partner in other places. Complex technology has been used to build such giant sculptures.

Yes here is Turkey, land of cultural, historical, and modern technology diversity! It has done its best to serve all types of recreations to all visitors, especially for fastidious ones.

Residual antiquities, rich culture, and history, whirling Dervish Ceremony, are just a few unique features among others that attract tourists.

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