A Fabulous Trip to Bursa

Nice experience of a trip to Bursa
Nice experience of a trip to Bursa


Bursa is an important and industrial city in Turkey which is also famous for some historical and natural sights.

If you are a history buff or a nature one, you have to visit this city in order to get familiar with its special features and tourist attractions and enjoy your time.

Introduction of Bursa

The province of Bursa is one of the important places in Marmara region, Turkey.

This city has an area of 1036 square kilometers with a population of 1854285 in 2015.

This city is famous for its industrial role in the economy of the country, especially in automotive field.

This city is also known as the forth populated city in Turkey.

During Ottoman Era, this city was called Hudavendigar, which means God’s gift, after that it changed to Green Bursa because of its gardens and trees.

In a period of time, the name of this city was Prusa because of Ancient Greek inhabitants; finally the name is changed to the current Bursa.

This city was a well-known place of silk production from local resources and some other places such as Iran and China during Ottoman Era until the 17th century.

Bursa is situated in the south of Marmara region and on the northwest of Mount Uludag.

The province has Marmara See and Yalova to the north, from the northeast it has Kocaeli and Sakarya, from the east, it has Bilecik and Kutahya and Balikesir are situated to the south.

The city of Bursa has a Mediterranean climate; with dry and hot summers; its winters are damp and cold with a lot of amount of rainfall. This city is important in different industries; such as:

• Production of Motor vehicles: Fiat, Renault, Karsan

• Production of automotive parts: Bosch, Johnson Controls, Mako, Delphi, Valeo

• Production of beverages: Pepsi-Cola, Coca-Cola

• Production of dairy products and processed food

• Production and trade of textile: silk

• Agricultural activities: fertile soil

• Tourism: skiing, thermal baths, hotels

A picturesque view of Bursa
A picturesque view of Bursa

Best Places to Visit in Bursa

There are a lot of places to visit in this beautiful city. Some of them are as the following :

• Grand Bazaar: a great place for shopping silk, clothes, shoes, jewelry, souvenirs, honey, and fruit.

• The Green Tomb (Yesil Turbe): tomb of Mehmed I, the fifth Ottoman Sultan. It is located ten minutes away from Grand Bazaar on foot.

• Grand Mosque: the largest mosque in this city with 20 domes and 2 minarets to show Ottoman architecture of interior while, gold and black colors.

• Old City Wall: the only remained part of the former citadel of the old city which is located to the west of Grand Mosque with a ten-minute walk.

• Cumalikizik: an ancient village which is remained from more than 700 years ago. It has wooden houses with cobblestone streets and local markets. It is about 20 minutes away from the city center.

• Nicea: this traditional city is the place of the Great Council of Nicea which was established in the 4th century. This city is situated along Lake Iznik.

Some other places which should be visited in Bursa are also mentioned below :
• Mosques and Kulliye

o Bayezid I

o Muradiye: a place with 12 tombs which is famous for its architecture.

o Emir Sultan

o Orhan Gazi

o Hüdavendigar

o Koca Sinan Paşa

o İshak Paşa

o Karacabey Grand

o Karabaş-i Veli Cultural Centre

• Museums

o Bursa Archaeological: it shows archeological handicrafts made in the past.

o Bursa Atatürk

o Bursa City: a place to see cultural heritages with a great interior design

o Bursa Energy: it is a technology, especially electronics, museum.

o Bursa Forestry

o Bursa Karagöz: it is a place to show folkloric shadow play characters.

o Bursa Museum of Turkish and Islamic Art

o Bursa Turkish Architecture

o İznik Museum

o Mudanya Armistice House

o Museum of Ottoman House: it is a historic house museum.

o Tofaş Museum of Cars and Anatolian Carriages: it is a private

• Bazaars and Caravanserais

o Yıldırım Bazaar

o Koza Han: a place to buy precious silk

o Pirinç Han

o İpek Han

• Hot springs and thermal baths

o Keramet

o Cekirge

o Armutlu

o Oylat

o Gemlik

o Çelik Palas

• Parks and Gardens

o Uludag National Park: a good place to camp and hike

o Bursa Botanical Garden

o Bursa Zoo: you can see different giraffes, zebras, lions and grizzly bears which can be interesting especially for kids.

• Beaches

o Armutlu

o Kumla

o Kurşunlu

o Orhangazi

o Mudanya

• Historical Buildings

o Bursa Castle

o Irgandı Bridge: Turkish people could defeat the Greek army in the war because of the existence of this bridge.

o İnkaya Sycamore, a 600-year-old tree which is considered as a holy one. There some restaurants and cafes in this place.

Great view of Bursa
Great view of Bursa

Where to Eat Local Food

There are various restaurants in Bursa and the most famous ones are :

• Deniz Tabagi Restaurant: it is located in Arap Sukru area, where you can eat a variety of sea food with a reasonable price.

• Haci Dayi Restaurant: it is located in Tophane, where you can try Turkish cuisine.

• Iskender Kebap Restaurant: iskender Kebap is one of the traditional foods in Turkey,

originally from Bursa. This restaurant is open from 1867.

There are some ways to get to the beautiful and traditional city of Bursa.

You can take plane to Yenisehir Airport which is 32 km far from the city center of Bursa to get to this city.

Harmancij railway station is the only train station of Bursa if you want to take a train. There are also some daily ferries, buses and taxi cabs which can take you from every city to Bursa.

Spend your day in nature of Bursa
Spend your day in nature of Bursa

Things to Do

If you have a chance to visit Bursa, Turkey, it is advised to visit a variety of places which are mentioned; but if you do not have enough time to visit all of the places, you are kindly invited to try the following three options :

• One of the interesting things which you should remember to do is to fly high on a Bursa Uludag Gondola ride.

It can be a memorable ride because you can see a nice view of mountains and forests which are both white and green.

• The other thing is to visit the great Saitabat Selalesi which is a natural sight.

It is 30 minutes away from the city center but it worth a visit. It is a fantastic waterfall where you can go swimming or explore nature. Also, you can eat food while sitting on a chair and your feet in the water.

• Nusretiye Clock Tower located in Tophane is another tourism attractions in Turkey.

It was built to be a fire tower due to its nice view when you stand at its top part. A lot of tourists go to this place to take a rest and go shopping.

Nice experience of a trip to Bursa
Nice experience of a trip to Bursa
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