A Short Trip to Oludeniz

A place to enjoy your trip in Oludeniz
A place to enjoy your trip in Oludeniz


Oludeniz is an attractive beach resort, located in Turkey. It is famous for its entertainments, especially paragliding.

It offers the tourists a big variety of natural sights such as forest, beach, and mountain. You can take a taxi, bus or car to get to this region and enjoy your trips doing various activities.


One of the most beautiful beach resorts in Turkey is called Oludeniz. It is a small region in the Fethiye on southwestern side of this country.

It is situated in a place where the Mediterranean Sea and the Aegean Sea meet near Mount Babadag.

Oludeniz is on a blue lagoon which literally means Dead Sea because it has calm water even in stormy weather conditions.

Different types of construction are prevented in Oludeniz with the lagoon and its sandy bay. Its water has a color of turquoise and aquamarine shades, so it is usually called Turquoise Beach.

Oludeniz was called Belcekiz by locals when it was not surrounded by foreign tourists. Two villages of Ovacik and Hisaronu are located 2 km away from Oludeniz to the north to provide some guesthouses, hotels and bars with great views and cheap prices.

Nice nature of Oludeniz
Nice nature of Oludeniz


There are a lot of amusing activities which can be done in this Oludeniz. Some of them are as the following:

• Paragliding: Oludeniz has great scenes which make it a great destination for paragliding. Also, Mount Babadag (known as Father Mountain) provides a fabulous place to enjoy nature by flying from top of the mountain over the beautiful water.

• Scuba diving and snorkeling: they are great experience because of being underwater to see caves and fauna due to its clear water.

• Sailing: it is possible to rent a boat for some hours and see various beaches and coves around this region.

• Hiking: there are some routes in Oludeniz which can be considered as the nice destinations such as hiking along Lycian Way from Fethiye or Faralya. There is no shadow on the way, so it is suggested to have sunscreen cream, sunglasses, enough water and food.

• Swimming: one of the best places to go swimming in a safe place which can be suitable for kids is Blue Lagoon where you can have turquoise crystal clear water.

• Playing golf and doing yoga: you can have both activities in special places devoted to them in different parts of Oludeniz to enjoy your trip to Turkey.

Direction – Oludeniz

The town of Fethiye has a well-paved road to Oludeniz which shows the importance of this region.

It is possible to take a minibus or taxi with a goof price form the town to this fabulous region.

As the minibuses are frequent to Oludeniz, you can take one whenever you like. As there are a lot of hotels in this region, you can select each one based on your budget and the facilities which they provide.

You can rent an all-inclusive hotel or a two or three star one with the most reasonable price in Oludeniz.

There are also some other ways to get to Oludeniz:

• Airplane: you can arrive at Dalaman International Airport which is situated about an hour and half away from this city.

• Car: it is possible to rent a car or take a taxi from Antalya along Lycian coastline to get to the city which takes about four hours.

• Bus: all bus companies transfer people from different cities in Turkey to Oludeniz with a fair fee.

Fabulous look of a beach in Turkey
Fabulous look of a beach in Turkey

Places to Visit – Oludeniz

There some places in and around Oludeniz. Some of the most important ones are :

• Blue Lagoon (Mavi Lagun): this place has an entrance fee and it is closed by the evening. You can rent a chair and an umbrella at this park. Its beach resorts with nice restaurants offer a nice time with a safe swimming.

• Sugar Beach (russ): a free place where you can eat, drink or stay in huts to relax.

• Local Tuesday Market in Fethiye: a place to buy needed products for foreigners and locals. It is possible to buy fish and ask one of the restaurants near there to cook it in a cheap fee.

• Butterfly Valley (Kelebekler Vadisi in Faralya): it is a little far from this region but it worth visiting. You can see some unique waterfalls and butterflies in this remote canyon.

• Kabak Village: it is a place similar to the Butterfly Valley with an easier accessibility which is famous for its canyon.

• Kayakoy: the ruins of ancient ghost town which are protected to be visited by tourists and locals.

• Saklikent Gorge: this place has cool temperature because of its shadows where people can go hiking or relax in different seasons, especially summer.

• Dalyan: it is possible to take a boat to the Lycian rock tombs which are constructed in a cliff when sea turtle-waters are passed.

• Oludeniz Tabiat Parki: a natural park located in west side where you can see peaceful nature and enjoy walking there by paying a small amount of fee.

A place to enjoy your trip in Oludeniz
A place to enjoy your trip in Oludeniz

What to Eat and Drink

There are some places in this region which offer a variety of foods and drinks.

• Restaurants near the beach: they are a great place to order fresh fish.

• Josephs: an old restaurant which offers Turkish food with pide.

• Chain Dia: a national supermarket where you can buy fresh vegetables and fruit, soft and alcoholic drinks, and snacks.

• Buzz Beach Bar: a popular place to serve various food and drink.

• Crusoes Bar: a place where you can sit and eat or drink to enjoy your time.

Climate of Oludeniz

The climate of Oludeniz is Mediterranean with a warm weather in all seasons and a 35 degrees centigrade temperature in summer.

Oludeniz can be an attractive destination for tourists who travel to Turkey from May to November for some reasons.

Firstly, it has moderate temperature which let people enjoy their trip. Secondly, the number of tourists will be less which can give a better opportunity to visit different places in and around this region with a cheaper price.

If you have a short trip to Oludeniz, a tourist attraction in Turkey, you can experience a lot of entertainments simultaneously.

You can see forests, sea, mountains, valleys, canyons, water and natural parks, and waterfalls.

You can have a choice of sailing, paragliding, snorkeling, swimming, scuba diving, hiking, yoga, football and golf.

Also, there are a lot of choices to choose your most suitable hotel based on your budget and try cocktail bars, sea food and local cuisines of Turkey.

Various entertainments in a Turkish region
Various entertainments in a Turkish region
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