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Turkeyweblog:If you are looking forward to traveling to a nice country, you can think of Turkey as a country located between Europe and Asia with amazing scenes which can attract everyone’s attention to spend some days to have a relaxation to be revived from the boring routine life and be energetic.

Are you looking for a great place to spend your holiday? Are you tired of your daily routines? Do you need a time to relax and enjoy?

Do you want to study or live in a place with reasonable fees and high quality life style? If your answer to one of these questions is YES, keep reading this section.


Traveling to Turkey to spend your holiday, continue your education or live in its great atmosphere can solve all your problems. Turkey has a lot of features which can be selected as the best destination because of the following reasons:

• It is situated in a place to connect Europe and Asia.

• It is a historical country with a long prosperous history with a lot of monuments.

• It is surrounded by different seas which provide nice weather conditions with a lot of natural resorts.

• It has good international universities with high ranks around the world.

• It offers high life standards similar to that in Europe with cheaper prices.

• Its culture is fruitful enough to learn various things about people, cuisine and customs.

• Its people are warm-blooded and helpful.

• It has different hotels based on the offered facilities which can be chosen based on your budget.

Features of Turkeyweblog

If one of these features has attracted your attention, it means you find your dream destination but it is not everything.

TurkeyWeblog supports you by giving a series of information about Turkey in order to make you sure of your decision before going a step forward.

You can get different details in TurkeyWeblog and the most important ones are:

• An informative introduction of various tourist attracts

• A complete introduction of Turkish cities with related details

• A useful review of Turkish culture to describe different local foods and drinks, and Turkish customs

• A comprehensive review of international universities in Turkey with their ranks

It is recommended to get some details about a place where you want to go as a tourist, student or citizen and then try to plan for next steps.

TurkeyWeblog has different sections which help you be familiar with various places in Turkey. All information in TurkeyWeblog will be updated continuously.

You can also check “photo gallery” to have a collection of beautiful photos of Turkey.

TurkeyWeblog started its mission in December 29th, 2019 with a great focus on providing information for tourists, international students and foreign citizens.

To Tourists:

By visiting TurkeyWeblog, you can have a confident travel schedule. It means you can select the important and popular tourist attracts based on your time, and ignore some of them or keep them for your next trip.

Then, you can enjoy your time and you are not in a hurry to jump to another sight because you have lack of time.

TurkeyWeblog can help you have a nice collection before entering Turkey. Also, you can save your time, money and energy when you know more about food, dress code, currency change, fees and other related things.

To Students:

TurkeyWeblog has a big list of international universities with high rankings around the world with reasonable tuition fees which can be considered to start or continue your education to get different degrees in various majors.

The university professors have a prosperous educational background which can help you develop your research and educational goals.

To Citizens:

TurkeyWeblog offers some details about Turkish culture which can be essential for those who want to live here.

TurkeyWeblog introduces traditional local foods and customs which can help you have a better stay in Turkey when you live or work.

You can simply contact us in TurkeyWeblog, share your information and write about your experience in Turkey.

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