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Traveling to Alanya is the best trip for you in case you have become more involved in this city. Alanya is next to Gazipaşa just 30 minutes far from it. There are too many things to do in Alanya. Every time is good to visit this city. However, June to December is the best.


Traveling to Alanya

Traveling to Alanya is the best trip for you in case you have become more involved in this city. Alanya is near the Antalya next to Gazipaşa just 30 minutes far from it.

You can fly to Alanya airport or Istanbul then you need shuttle buses to get this city. The nearest airport is situated in Gazipasa, by considering all of them you have more chances. So why Alanya?

Keep reading in this section we are talking about all those things you can do in Alanya. Before your tripe, getting more information about this city provides you a better experience.

What to do in Alanya? I and when the best time to visit this city is Read on.

Map of Turkey - Alanya
Map of Turkey – Alanya

The Best Time to Visit Alanya

There are too many things to do in Alanya. You can visit and enjoy different kinds of opportunities. In the next section, we are talking about the best things to do in this city.

I hope my guide will support you. There are too many activities to do, you can easily choose one of your favorite ones. Alanya is situated in the midpoint of Turkish Riviera.

Every time is good to visit this city. However, June to December is the best. During this time you can suppose temperatures of around 31°C and this condition is nice for all of us.

Alanya - Turkey
Alanya – Turkey

Alanya Castle and the Red Tower

On of a must-see is Alanya castle. Without visiting this area do not come back. This place must be your first things do to. In this area, you can easily feel the history.

The fort was built in the 13th century and over the years it is astonishing how they managed to stay safe. There is some fee for the Entrance fee to Alanya castle.

Red tower
Red tower

We have to say the hill is steep so be careful. In case you are not brave enough do not take this one. Alanya castle is on a cautious list for the UNESCO World Legacy Vision title.

In this area, you can find more about both turkey and Alanya. The Red Tower next to this castle is worth checking out. Be sure by visiting these two places you are going to get more advantages and sense.

Alanya Castle
Alanya Castle

Lunch at Dimcay

Dimcay River provides you an opportunity to swim in the cooling waters and eat lunch one of the best restaurants located above the water.

Sounds great! Different kinds of Turkish-style are prepared in this area and you can try most of them, we all know Turkey is famous for different kinds of traditional foods that is why we highly recommend this one.

There are tons of restaurants to choose from. Also most of them including sitting on the pillows and taking a nap chance. How relaxing! Dimcay is located 22 kilometers far from Alanya.

You must to take a taxi or drive there. Sundays are not a good time to visit 22 kilometers from Alanya because this place is packed with residents. A valley also is next to the Dimcay with having cliffs. Air is fresh and the weather is cool in this place also natural shadows give it an enormous beauty.

Dimcay River
Dimcay River

Sapadere canyon

Sapadere is a hidden loved one area. In this place, a couple of swimming spots give tourists more advantages. But the water stays cold. If you are brave you must take a dip. However, it is essential to know no matter what season you decided to visit Alanya the water is going to stay cold.

Sapadere is located a 40-minutes far from this city and you have to drive this area. Along the way, you can visit great mountain views. In case you want to navigate the tour also you can easily rent a motorbike.

Do not worry if you need some snakes because there is a small restaurant in this area. Sapadere village is next to Sapadere. If you have enough time also check out there. Getting help from a guide is going to give you more chances during your tripe.

Sapadere canyon
Sapadere canyon

Stand up paddling

Before experience paddling around do not come back from Alanya. Amazingly clear waters are one of the best reasons to try stand up paddling.

The good news is this, you do not need any experience or skills to do this activity. Plenty of time to enjoy is waiting in Morning sunshine.

Doing this one before the boats start to take off is one of the best times to try to stand up paddling.

Jeep Safari

Jeep safari is one of the best options for you, in case you are into group tours. This kind of tripe starts in Alanya at first and is going to reach the Taurus Mountains.

The Taurus Mountains is located 1200 meters above the sea also it is surrounded by mountain villages. In case you are enthusiastic to experience an adventure do not miss this one.

There are too many alternatives by considering all the budget. Especially jeep tour by night gives you more adventure. Do not forget to take sufficient water and sunscreen with you.

Jeep Safari
Jeep Safari

Turkish Hammam

A Turkish hammam or called Turkish bath is considered as Turkish culture and also one of those unique things to do in this city.

Turkish hammam is all about cleansing and relaxing. Do not hesitate to keep this one during your traveling.

Ottoman Turks hereditary it from the Romans and then tried to add it to their tastes. We recommend you highly to take a two-hour bath and take your time.

Turkish Hammam
Turkish Hammam

It usually starts with a sauna and steam room and then a notable Hamman room is waiting for you.

These rooms are decorated with marble and heating source. You can get help from spa ladies to scrub your whole body.

After the cleaning stage, you are served from herbal tea final one-hour body massage is going to give you a complete relaxing sense.

What more? If your budget is not appropriate, you can spend some of them.

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