Best Global Universities in Turkey

Best Global Universities in Turkey
Best Global Universities in Turkey

Best Global Universities in Turkey

Best Global Universities in Turkey : Studying abroad is a kind of trend these days because students are looking for more information and updated professors in their fields.

Turkey is considered as one of the best destinations because of the variety of universities. Knowing enough about the country and its universities based on your goals will help you make the best decision for your education.

Best Global Universities in Turkey
Best Global Universities in Turkey

General Information about Turkey

Nowadays it is very popular to think about living or studying in another country and among them Turkey is one of the best options.

As a person who wants to immigrate, at first you need to know some general points about this country because sometimes it is difficult to people to accept differences. There is some general information in brief :

• Its capital city is Ankara.

• Other important cities of this country are Istanbul, Izmir and Antalya.

• The climate has a range from hot to cold, depending on your location and season.

• Its tourism industry is strong.

• Official language of this country is Turkish.

• This country is a secular state without any official state religions.

• It is famous for art, literature, cuisine and sports.

• There are a lot of universities in different cities of Turkey.

• Life costs in Turkish are cheaper than other European countries.

This general information can provide a complete view about Turkey and let you know if it is a good destination, for education or not.

Education in Turkey

As Turkey is considered in Eurasia, a lot of students from Asia and Europe select it to continue their education.

By the year 2019, the number of international students who studied in Turkey, both in private and public (state) universities, was about 48000.

If you are not sure to consider this country as your destination to continue your education, keep reading the benefits of its universities :

• It is allowed to have a weekly 24 hour part-time job.

• The lessons in most majors are taught in English.

• There is an optional English course for those who are not very professional in English.

• Most of its universities are among high-ranked international universities.

• Most universities standardize their degrees based on Europeans’.

• Student exchange is also possible in most of the universities.

• Students who study in public universities have free education but they should only pay a limited student fee.

Education in Turkey
Education in Turkey

Consider Your Conditions before Going to Turkey

There are a lot of universities in Turkey which have the best global ranks. Before choosing a university, you have to think about four vital questions:

• Which city is more suitable to you based on the life costs, pollution, climate, distance and transportation?

Answering this question is important because of some reasons. Some people may have shortage of budget; so they cannot live in Istanbul, as the most expensive city in Turkey.

Some people may suffer from asthma or other breathing illnesses which does not let them live in a polluted or crowded place.

Also, it is necessary to some people to have easy access to public transportation and they do not want to walk a long way to university, so finding a city with such facilities would be magnificent. Therefore, make a list of your preferable cities.

• Which major do you want to study?

Some universities offer special majors or are more proficient in some; so you are required to clarify what you want to study.

• What degree do you want to get; bachelor, master, Ph.D.?

It is highly valuable to every student to decide what degree he or she needs to take because each degree has a unique process. For example, you should think about having taking another master or following Ph.D. to prepare your documents based on it.

• Do you have enough financial support to continue education in a private university or you have to study I a public one?

Some students ignore this essential question because they just want to leave their countries and do not consider these conditions but if you do not have enough money to study in a private university or you cannot get a scholarship in a public university, it is better not to go to Turkey for education.

Be realistic and answer these questions, after that look for universities in your preferred city which offer programs about your major and degree.

The, choose private or public ones. If you are not successful with your first search, you should follow your next preference. Finally, you can find the best option based on your conditions.

Top 5 Universities in Turkey – Best Global Universities in Turkey

Universities are usually ranked in different locations and based on some factors. Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) ranking of universities in Emerging Europe and Central Asia is one of the lists which offer the ranks of universities. Top 5 universities of Turkey are listed below based on their rank in 2020.

Best Global Universities in Turkey – Koç University

This university is founded in 1993 based on innovative teaching with a great focus on students and research. As a private, non-profit institute, Koç University has a full range of majors including law, natural sciences, humanities and social sciences, administrative sciences, engineering, medicine and economics. This university is located in Istanbul with a QS Ranking of 451 and its total students are 5366 at the moment.

Koç University in Turkey
Koç University in Turkey

Best Global Universities in Turkey – Bilkent University

This university was established in 1984. It has 10087 students who are more than half on scholarship.

The modern facilities such as classes, laboratories and the most extensive academic library in Turkey provide great atmosphere for different fields in online or offline modes.

As this university is located in Ankara, it has a lot of social and cultural entertainments. Bilkent university, as the first private university in Turkey, has the capacity of 4360 students in its dorms. It has the range of 501-510 in QS Ranking.

Best Global Universities in Turkey - Bilkent University
Best Global Universities in Turkey – Bilkent University

Best Global Universities in Turkey – Middle East Technical University

Middle East Technical University ( METU University ) : This university is located in Ankara and accredited its engineering fields by ABET, a nonprofit ISO 9001 certified organization.

This international university is one of the pioneers in high level education and research. Its QS Ranking is 591 and the number of full time students enrolled at the university are 26471 now.

Middle East Technical University inTurkey
Middle East Technical University inTurkey

Best Global Universities in Turkey – Boğaziçi University

This university is founded in 1863, as the first American college in a foreign country. Different fields including applied disciplines, education, humanities, natural and social sciences, and engineering are taught at this public university.

It highly concentrates on training students with global knowledge to be conscious, self-confident and innovative based on ethical standards to be employed in academic and industrial sections.

This university is situated in Istanbul with 13202 students and its QS Ranking is 651-700. It was among top 500 universities of the world in 2018.

Best Global Universities in Turkey - Boğaziçi University
Best Global Universities in Turkey – Boğaziçi University

Best Global Universities in Turkey – Istanbul Technical University

It was built in 1773 with a focus on training students in naval engineering and after passing a long way with this name, finally in 1946, it was called ITU.

It has a variety of majors including architecture, electrical and electronic engineering, civil engineering, and mechanical engineering. Most graduate students of this university have been had a beneficial role in planning and construction of Turkey.

This public university uses high-tech education mixed with traditional ethics. Its QS Ranking has a range of 651-700 with 35337 students in 2020.

Istanbul Technical University
Istanbul Technical University

Short Introduction of Other Universities in Turkey

There are some other famous universities in Turkey which offer a variety of majors which are listed in the following chart.

NameCityTypeQS Ranking in 2020Number of Enrolled Students
Sabanic UniversityIstanbulPrivate521-5303847
Istanbul UniversityIstanbulPublic801-1000123506
Hacettepe UniversityAnkaraPublic801-100047221
Ankara UniversityAnkaraPublic801-100065734


Apart from all these universities, you can consider some other ones with a great background:

• Yildiz Teknik University in Istanbul

• Atilim University in Ankara

• Cankaya University in Ankara

• Izmir Yuksek Teknology Enstitusu in Urlla

• Cukurova University in Adana

• Mersin University in Mersin

• Gaziantep University in Gaziantep

• Marmara university in Istanbul

• Ege University in Izmir

• Gazi University in Ankara

All in all, studying in a university in Turkey is not a difficult thing if you know some English and plan a schedule to achieve your goals.

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