Delicious Food of iskender Kebab

Beautiful design of iskender Kebab
Beautiful design of iskender Kebab

iskender Kebab

iskender Kebab : People who travel to a foreign country are interested to try a local food of that region or like to cook that food at their homes.

Iskender Kebab is a famous delicious food in Bursa, Turkey which has a lot of fans in various countries. The main ingredients of this food are meat, bread and tomato sauce.

Introduction of iskender Kebab

One of the popular dishes in northwestern of Turkey is called iskender Kebab which is made by Iskender Efendi (known as Master Alexander) for the first time in the 19th century Ottoman Empire in Bursa.

This food is made of thin grilled lamp with tomato sauce and pita bread. This food is usually served with tomato sauce, yogurt and melted sheep butter.

Iskenderoglu family has a restaurant in Bursa and a brand of Kebapci iskender. This food has other names such as iskender Kebap and Bursa kebabi.

In order to make this kebab, it is needed to know more about Doner Kebap which is a really famous food in Turkey.

Doner is a kind of dish which is grilled vertically and has some main ingredients; such as beaten pieces of lamb meat, suet, herb and spice.

It is also possible to use a mixture of lamb and beef or even beef as the meat of this food.

Iskender Kebap uses thin slices of doner kebab which is designed with butter, tomato sauce and yogurt.

Delicious Food of iskender Kebab
Delicious Food of iskender Kebab


Kebab has a long story and different documents show that medieval Persian soldiers, while traveling to different places to conquer some lands, used their swords to skewer meat and roast it over the fire. Kebab was eaten in Iran, Turkey, Greece, India and Middle East regions.

Doner Kebab was surely started in Bursa, Turkey in 1870s when meat was cooked on a vertical fire.

The word doner means “to rotate” and this way of cooking meat is healthy because the fat is gathered at the bottom of the vertical fire.

Doner should be cut as thin as possible while serving. Also, the nerves and bones of meat should be removed to make a great doner kebab.

This kind of kebab is a kind of takeaway food, too.

Iskender Kebab is well-known as the king of Turkish kebabs and its birthplace is Bursa, Turkey.

Two major ingredients of this food are meat and bread. The meat should be thin and crispy which is spiced with salt and herb.

It should be hung vertically on a coal fire where a cylinder of meat rotates the coals to be cooked well. Pide is an oval piece of bread with a soft and spongy appearance.

This Turkish street food is a great food if it made of high quality lamb and is served with fresh bread.

Ingredients of iskender Kebab

This delicious and famous iskender Kebab can be cooked at home with high quality materials.

The ingredients of this food which are enough to serve 4-6 people are as the following:

• Ingredients for meat marinate

o 2 pound lamb or beef

o 2 large grated onions

o 45 ml olive oil

o 10 ml red pepper flakes

o Enough amount of salt and pepper

• Ingredients of tomato sauce

o 30 ml tomato paste

o 15 ml red pepper paste

o 30 ml olive oil

o 2 cups water

o Enough salt and pepper

• Ingredients for design

o 3 tomatoes, cut in wedges

o 2 green bell peppers

o 6 piece of pide bread

o 2 cups plain yogurt

Beautiful design of iskender Kebab
Beautiful design of iskender Kebab

Iskender Kebab Recipe

If you want to cook iskender Kebab at home, there are some steps which should be followed to make a tasty food:

• Squeeze onions to be liquid and ignore the pulps

• Cut thin slices of meat to a size of 5 * 4 cm

• Mix onion juice, red pepper flakes, olive oil, salt and pepper

• Cover meat slices with the marinate mixture, coat it and put in the refrigerator for a night

• Keep the oven warm to 180 degrees centigrade

• Mix tomato paste, red pepper paste and red pepper flakes on a warm pan to make tomato sauce

• Add salt, pepper and water to be boiled and mix for 10 minutes

• Cut pieces of pide bread into 3 * 3 cm

• Warm bread pieces in the oven for 5 minutes

• Put some oil on another pan

• Put slices of meat on high heat and wait for 2 minutes for each side to be cooked

• Cook wedges of tomato with low heat

• Put warm pide bread on the plate

• Serve meat on the bread

• Pour tomato sauce over them

• Design the food with wedges of tomato, pepper and yogurt

Homemade iskender Kebab
Homemade iskender Kebab


If some tips are followed to make iskender Kebab, your food will be more delicious:

• You can use yogurt in a creamy texture to have a better taste and design.

• It is suggested to add some melted butter on the food for a more delicious taste.

• You can buy some pieces of doner kebab from a restaurant and reheat it at home if you cannot make lamb ready.

• It is possible to buy some loaves of flat bread from a bakery or a supermarket if you did not have pita bread.

• You should serve the food as soon as it is made because it should be served hot.

• For a better design, you can pour tomato sauce on yogurt and add some melted butter on them.

You may need more time for cooking iskender Kebab; it means you should make it for some times to know more about the time of cooking meat and your favorite taste of sauce.

Some restaurants serve iskender Kebab with some vegetables such as eggplants.

Also, some vegetarians prefer to make this food at home with chicken instead of lamb or beef. You can make this food with another kind of bread if you cannot find pide in your neighborhood.

The best suggestion is not to change the ingredients and recipe of this food but you can make a difference if you do not eat one of the ingredients.

If you travel to Turkey and want to try one of its delicious foods, iskender Kebab is surely a traditional food which worth trying.

You also may want to make it at home and enjoy its taste; so you need to follow the recipe of this food to be similar to that made in Turkey.

The higher the quality of meat and bread, the better will be the taste of this food.

Try iskender Kebap as a traditional food
Try iskender Kebap as a traditional food
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