Details about Turkey Education Level

Turkey Education Level
Turkey Education Level

Turkey Education Level

Details about Turkey Education Level : Ranking of the countries in different fields based on different indices is very popular these days because people can select their best location depending on the higher rankings.

A variety of factors are considered as vital issues and one of them is education. Therefore, Turkey education level should be investigated to see if it is a good place to study or not.

Studying abroad is a trend these days and a lot of people are interested to study in a foreign country. Turkey is one of the favorite destinations because of some advantages.

For example, Turkey education level has an acceptable rank which can be a motivation for people to study there.

Education system of Turkey is supervised by the government and lets everybody studies.

There are special stages for education system in Turkey which have some difference in schools and higher education institutes.

Turkey Education Level
Turkey Education Level

Stages in Turkey Education Level

There are four steps in education system of Turkey which can be considered important based on the age of the students to estimate Turkey education level :

• Pre-school education: children up to 6 years old can attend if they like; so studying in this stage is optional.

• Primary education: children aged 6 to 14 years old attend this free stage and it is not optional. They study in this stage for 8 years.

• Secondary education: children attend high school or vocational high school when they are from 15 to 18 years old. Most schools are run by the government; so they are free of charge.

• Higher education: students who are graduated from high school pass four years of university and those who are graduated from vocational high schools pass 2 years at university. The master’s degree is about 2 years and getting a PhD degree takes 3-5 years.

Stages in Turkey Education Level
Stages in Turkey Education Level

Types of High Schools in Turkey

People who want to study in Turkey pay attention to Turkey education level. Considering all stages of education system in Turkey, different types of high schools are mentioned:

• Public high schools: students who are successful in passing their eight year basic education can enter these high schools and if they do well in the National University Entrance Exam, they can go to higher education institutes.

• Vocational high schools: students who are interested to take vocational majors enter these high schools and after two years if they do well in the University Entrance Exam, they can continue their education in their major at university.

• Anatolian high schools: these schools offer a year of English study and three years of typical study. Math and science are usually taught in English and other lessons in German or French.

• Super high schools: one year of studying English needs to be passed in these schools. Math and science are taught in Turkish and less attention is paid to English in the following years.

• Science high schools: they are a kind of public school specifically for those who study sciences, technical and medicine fields. Also, math and science are taught in English.

• Private high schools: their tuition fee is very high but the other things are similar to the public ones.

Types of Higher Education Institutes

When the students finish their high schools, they need to continue their studies at the university based on Turkey educational level. Different types of higher education institutes are :

• State Universities: students can enter this university by taking part in the National Entrance Exam. They only need to pay a small amount of fee because this university is free of charge.

Students should pass 4 to 6 years of study based on their major. The lessons are usually taught in English, German or French.

After passing the bachelor course, students can continue their studies to master and PhD programs.

• Higher vocational high schools: students who are graduated from vocational high schools take the National Vertical Transfer Test to enter these schools to get an associate’s degree.

• Private or Foundation universities: students have to pay tuition fees to study in these universities and the lessons are taught in English.

Turkey Education Level or Ranking

In order to sort different countries of the world based on their knowledge, a large number of students take a test related to reading literacy, science and math which is performed by Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

Following information is obtained regarding to students in Turkey in 2018 and Turkey education level :

• Reading literacy of students in Turkey had a score of 466 while the average score of OECD countries was 487. Also, girls had a better performance and boy students.

• They scored 454 in mathematics while the average was 489. Boys performed better than girls.

• Their performance in science was 468 pints and the average score was 489. Also, girls had a better performance.

All in all, it shows that Turkey education level was lower than the average score. OECD also compared different countries around the world based on some indicators, and the following results were attained regarding to Turkey education level in 2019 :

• Although the number of young people who had a tertiary education doubled o the last decade, half of them did not finish their secondary education

• Employment rate of people who did not finish secondary education increased; while, it decreased for those with tertiary education.

• People do not prefer to teach in Turkey’s education system because of low salaries and a limited progress.

• The number of people who have tertiary education is increased but the employment opportunities are reduced in the last decade, especially for women.

• People in Turkey were interested to finish their secondary education in recent years and about half of the graduates had a vocational ability. However, most job vacancies were occupied by men.

• The amount of educational funding is increased but the amount of expenditure for each student is low and is based on private funds.

According to another ranking called the Legatum Prosperity Index, Turkey education level is about average.

A comparison between 167 countries around the world in 2019 showed that Turkey has the 80th rank in education.

Based on another ranking, known as Quacquarelli Symonds (QS), only two universities of Turkey, Koc University and Bilkent University with the ranks of 448 and 456, respectively, were among 500 top universities in the world in 2019.

In conclusion, education has an essential role in people’s lives and has a relationship with social and economic values of every country.

An appropriate education system in a country can help people increase their job opportunities. According to OECD, the total score of Turkey in education is 1363 in 2020 which ranks this country 41 among 63 present countries; while, China has the highest total score of 1731 and is selected as the first-ranked country in this list based on the education level.

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