General Points about Turkey Study Scholarship

Turkey Study Scholarship
Turkey Study Scholarship

Turkey Study Scholarship

Turkey Study Scholarship : There are a lot of programs offered every year by different Turkish universities and organizations to provide Turkey study scholarships for all international students in order to improve their education level and communication with people from different countries.

Both public and private Turkish universities have full-fund scholarships in special dates for various majors and levels which can be devoted to top students.

Introduction of Turkey Study Scholarship

Turkey study scholarship is supported by the government financially. It is competitive because it is only given to hardworking students with a fabulous education background.

It is possible to find short-term and long-term programs at high ranked universities in Turkey.

All citizens of all countries can fill an application in order to apply for different majors at different levels of bachelor, master and Ph.D.

In order to get a Turkey study scholarship, bachelor’s students should get the minimum academic criterion of 70 percent and they should be under 21 years old to be able to apply for this level.

Those students who are interested to study in master’s level should be under 30 years old and with a minimum academic achievement of 75 percent. In order to continue education in Ph.D. level, the students should be under 35 years old with a minimum academic rate of 75 percent.

Furthermore, students who want to study in health science majors such as Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy should have a minimum academic achievement of 90 percent to be able to continue their education in Turkish universities.

General Details

Turkey is well-known for its rich education system in different levels and majors and tries to improve it by exchanging students from different universities and by offering bursary to international students to study in high ranked universities of this country which can be beneficial both for the student and the university.

In addition, by training students with Turkey study scholarship, the connections between different countries around the world will be strengthened which results in a better comprehension of mutual relationships.

The other advantage of scholarships in Turkey is not restricted to financial support but a university placement can be given to the students in all levels of education.

Each university offers a wide range of facilities such as return flight ticket, health insurance, a Turkish course for one year, accommodation and tuition fee which can be different for each education level.

The duration of Turkey study scholarships in Turkey can be varied based on the major and level, but in average the bachelor level usually takes from 5 to 7 years, a master one is about 3 years and a Ph.D. is about 5 years. All these education levels include a year of Turkish language course.

Advantages of Turkey Study Scholarship

There are some advantages of Turkey study scholarship and some of them are listed below :

• Free accommodation: all students will be stayed in dormitories of the universities which are free. It is not compulsory to stay in the dorm, so the students are allowed to rent a place and pay for it themselves.

• Free education: the students study without paying tuition fees because they are not responsible anything else but the study.

• Free health service: if the students are sick, all the costs will be paid by their public health insurance.

• Free flight tickets: two air plane tickets of arrival to Turkey at the beginning of the study and departure from Turkey after finishing their education will be given to them free of charge.

• Turkish language course: all students in all levels and majors should pass a Turkish language course for a year to be able to enjoy living in Turkey if they are not fluent in Turkish.

Those students who want to apply for different majors in Turkey study scholarship should pay attention to the dates for applying in different undergraduate and postgraduate levels in order not to miss their most suitable one because they are not all year open.

Furthermore, the following documents should be provided while applying for a program:

• Valid identification document or a passport

• Recent photo of the applicant

• National/international exam scores

• Diploma or temporary certificate of graduation

• Academic transcripts

• Language test score (if it is necessary)

• Research proposal (Ph.D. students)

Application Process

As Turkey study scholarship is specifically for international student, the following steps should be done to apply for this program:

• It is recommended to all applicants to read all instructions on the website carefully.
• Students should fill in a form in online application system of Turkish Scholarships up to February every year.

• Announcement notice will be updated to show the result of Turkey Government Scholarship

• The students will be informed if they have an online interview.

• Students can apply for Turkish Student Visa if they are accepted.

There is no registration fee to apply for Turkey study scholarship. It is also possible for the students to have scholarship and university placement simultaneously.

It means, they can be chosen in a program and university among their 12 preferences.

Evaluation Process of Turkey Study Scholarship

Professional background of the applicant and extra-curricular activities are important factors to be considered for evaluation in Turkey study scholarship with paying a close attention to educational and social achievements.

The following steps should be passed to evaluate the applicant:

• Fundamental assessment: all applicants are checked to see if they have necessary conditions of age, minimum grades and documents.

• Shortlisting: the most suitable applicants will be chosen based on their academic interests, previous education background, career goals and some other points.

• Interview: those who are accepted are invited to have a 15-30 minute online interviews and show all their documents.

• Selection: the overall suitability and eligibility of the candidate will be checked by a selection committee.

Universities Offering Scholarship

As Turkey study scholarship is a competitive program, a lot of International students apply for different universities and programs in Turkey. Both public and private universities offer various scholarship programs to students with some differences :

• Public Universities: Turkish Government pays about 90 percent or more of the education cost, so it is free to study and take a degree.

There are 129 public universities in different cities of Turkey which increases your chance to get a scholarship if you are not sure to find a program in five top-ranked universities.

• Private Universities: although studying in private universities in expensive, it is possible to get a Turkey study scholarship in these universities with a discount; while, top students are lucky enough to get a full scholarship in Turkish private universities.

As a result, if you want to pursue your education in a new culture with high ranked universities and knowledgeable professors, Turkey is one of the best options.

You can also get a Turkey study scholarship in order to decrease your fees and be able to study in your favorite major and desired level.

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