Historical City of Adana

Beautiful city of Adana
Beautiful city of Adana

Adana is known as an important city in the Turkey

Adana is known as an important city in the nice country of Turkey. This city has a long history; so there are a lot of historical buildings which can be visited.

Also, this city has a major role in different fields of agriculture and economy. If you are interested to visit this city, be aware of the weather conditions.


One of the most important cities in Turkey is Adana, which is located in the south and the northeastern of Mediterranean Sea.

Its population is about 2.20 million people, which makes this province a crowded one in Turkey. This province has plains and mountains in the southern and northern parts, respectively.

This city has an important role during the history because it has connected Europe to the Middle East by Seyhan River.

The Seyhan Dam was built on this river to water the plains and produce hydroelectric power. This city is very important in trading, healthcare and logistics.

This city has different climates in different seasons; and its extreme weather conditions are :

• Mediterranean with hot and humid summers

• Subtropical with dry and hot summers

• Mild and wet winters

History and Location

Adana is the oldest city of Cilicia which had human residents. This city has seen a lot of kingdoms in this reign.

The most important ones are Hittites, Empire of Alexander, Kingdom of Armenia, Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire, Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia, Ottoman Empire; and at the moment it is known as a city of Turkey.

This city has four main districts with their urban and rural areas:

• Seyhan: it is a district situated in the west of Seyhan River.

This district is important because of its hotels, shopping centers and modern buildings.

• Cukurova: it is a district in the north of Seyhan River. There are a lot of residential buildings and villas near the beach.

• Yuregir: this district is situated in the east of Seyhan River. This district has a lot of industries and low-quality places for living.

• Saricam: it is located in the north and east of Yuregir district. There are a lot of important institutes in this district.

There are a variety of historical buildings in different parts of this city which represent prosperous architecture of this city in the 15th and 16th centuries.

Beautiful city of Adana
Beautiful city of Adana

Transportation in Adana

There are different transportation vehicles to get to Adana:

• Plane: if you travel by plane to this city, you will be at the airport which is located in the suburb.

• Bus: there are several buses from different cities of Turkey which ride you to various places.

• Train: there is a line of Konya-Adana for those who want to arrive at this place. It has a daily train.

• Car: it is possible to take a car from Ankara to this city. The distance is long but you just need to drive in highway.

When you arrive at this beautiful city, you can walk, take a bus, metro or taxi; and rent a car to move to different districts based on your mood and budget.

Large green spaces in Adana
Large green spaces in Adana

Places to Visit

As a historical city, Adana has a lot of places which can be both natural and traditional:

• Taskopru Bridge: the oldest bridge in the world for moving vehicles until 2007.

• The Great Clock Tower (Buyuk Saat): the tallest clock tower in Turkey.

• Ramazanoglu Hall: it is a building which is made of brick and stone in three floors.

• Carsi Hamam: the largest bath in this city

• Sabanci Merkez Camii: the largest mosque in the Middle East

• Suleyman Demirel Arboretum: a garden full of plants

• Ataturk Park: a place, with Ataturk’s statue, for holding public ceremonies

There are also a lot of other places which worth visiting in this city :

• Catalan Bridge: the longest bridge in Turkey

• Old Dam and Dilberler Seki Road

• Archeological Museum

• State Fine Arts Gallery

Adana is famous in Turkey and other countries for its historical places which are built many years ago.

There are some other suggestions after visiting historical places of this city:

• Drive or walk along the river

• Visit Magarsus, Ayas, Commana, Castabala and Misis as some old cities near Adana

• Visit Kapuzbasi Waterfall

• Go swimming in Karatas or Mersin

• Have fun in Aqualand

• Have massage and sauna in city center

What to Eat and Drink in Adana

Adana is a city which has tried to keep its traditional cuisine which is a mixture of different nationalities; such as Armenian, Yoruk and Arabic.

This city is famous for its fatty, spicy and sour meat dishes. There are some special ingredients in foods of this city which can be found in every kitchen.

Tahini, spice, red pepper, flour and bulghur are the most common ones.

One of the traditional and popular main meals in this city is called Kebap (Adana Kebab) which is made of minced meat.

This dish is usually served with a type of vegetable salad and a variety of drinks. Another food of this city is Sirdan which is a home-made sausage filled with rice.

This city has some popular desserts; such as Halka Tatli and Tas Kadayif. Some famous drinks of this city can be Raki and Salgam.

You can order Salgam and pickle juice in the cold weather and Aslama which is the licorice juice in the hot weather conditions.

Tall buildings in different districts of Adana
Tall buildings in different districts of Adana


Adana is also a well-known city for its festivals. There are some national and international festivals in this city:

• Altin Koza International Film Festival

• International Sabanci Theater Festival (every April)

• Orange Blossom Carnival (every April)

• International Cukurova Instrumental Music Festival

• Cukurova Art Day (every December)

• Adana Literature Festival (every April)

You can attend every festival you like to enjoy your time.

Nice Seyhan River
Nice Seyhan River

Tips to Travel

There are some tips which let you know more about this city:

• Adana has good weather conditions to be considered as a destination; especially in May, April and June; while, August, July and September are the hottest months; and January is the coldest one.

• People in this city usually drive their private cars.

• This city is a little polluted but the large number of green areas compensates it.

As a result, it is advised to think about the time and destination of your trip in advance to have a memorable experience.

Adana, a city in Turkey has a lot of historical and natural places, which has attracted the attention of a large number of tourists from all over the world.

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