How to Cook Turkish Manti Dumplings

Turkish Manti Dumplings
Turkish Manti Dumplings

How to Cook Turkish Manti Dumplings

There are a lot of foods around the world which worth a try. One of these special foods is a Turkish Manti Dumpling, as a delicious type of food.

It is possible to make it at home with the high quality materials and keep some of them in the fridge to be dried, fried and steamed depending on your taste and the type of sauce that you prefer later.

Turkish Manti Dumplings
Turkish Manti Dumplings

History of Turkish Manti Dumplings

Similar to a variety of foods, a Turkish Manti has a long history. Its origin is not certain because different nations such as China, Korea and Central Asia have a similar food.

This food was cooked with different names in Turkey from the 13th century; it is now started to be steamed and in small sizes; while, it was boiled and baked in larger sizes in the past.

First recipe of cooking this food was taken from Central Asia to Anatolia from Silk Road by Mongol people because they took frozen and dried ones with themselves which could be boiled over fire before being eaten.

Therefore, when Tatars resided in Kayseri region of Turkey, this area became famous due to its delicious Turkish Manti.

Different cultures have different styles and ingredients to make this Turkish food. Turkish Manti is large-sized and steamed in Central Asia. If this food is boiled or fried, Turkish people call it as another type of dumpling.

In Kazakhstan, this food is stuffed with meat and spice; and sometimes a small amount of chopped pumpkin with an onion or garlic sauce.

The recipe of Turkish Manti is similar in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan except in the variety of added ingredients.

In Afghanistan, this food is steamed and topped with similar ingredients. Afghans generally prefer to serve this food with more yogurt sauce than tomato one or have it with a carrot soup.

In Armenia, Turkish Manti is served with yogurt or sugar cream and garlic. In Bosnia, this food is prepared with minced meat and onions with a sauce of yogurt and garlic.

In modern Turkey, this food is eaten with yogurt, garlic and red pepper.

Introduction of a Delicious Turkish Food

A very famous kind of this food is Kayseri Manti which has a very small size and is served with yogurt, melted butter with some spices.

There is a custom in Turkey that when a boy and girl are engaged, the mother of boy goes to the girl’s house and during her stay; the girl should make Turkish Manti for her.

If the sizes of Turkish Manti are small, it shows that the girl is very proficient in cooking. Traditionally, 40 Turkish Manti in a spoon showed that this girl is an ideal one.

This delicious dumpling can be eaten every time and it is made of ground meat, onion, and spice.

It is a custom that different members of family in Anatolia get together to make the dough in small square sizes and fill them with the ingredients because they believe that by this act, the family relationship will be improved and they understand the meaning of effort while working together.

You can buy it in every supermarket in Turkey but the taste of the homemade one is incomparable. You can make a lot of it and keep it in the freezer, then prepare it as a delicious option. You can also fill it with several vegetables if you are on a vegetarian diet.

Required Ingredients to Make a Dumpling

For making this Turkish Manti for 4 people, the following ingredients are needed to make dough, filling, garlic yogurt and the sauce:

• For making dough

o 200 gr plain flour (with a small amount for rolling)

o 1 beaten egg

o A quarter cup of water

o 30 ml olive oil

o 5 ml sea salt

• For making the filling

o 225 gr ground beef

o 1 grated/ chopped onion

o Salt and black pepper

• For making the garlic yogurt

o 500 gr creamy plain yogurt

o 2 crushed/ chopped garlic cloves

o Salt

• For making the sauce

o 15 ml tomato or hot pepper paste

o 60 ml olive oil

o 10 ml dried spearmint

o 5 ml ground sumac

o 5 ml red pepper/ chili flakes

Recipe of Turkish Manti Dumpling

There are some steps which should be done to make dough for this Turkish Manti:

• Heat the oven to 180 degrees centigrade in advance

• Mix the flour with salt and make a hole in the middle

• Mix beaten egg and water with dough

• Add olive oil and knead it for 5 to 8 minutes to be soft

• Cover dough with a kitchen towel

• Put it in the fridge for 30 minutes

When the dough is resting, it is the time to make the filling:

Recipe of Turkish Manti Dumpling
Recipe of Turkish Manti Dumpling

• Mix ground meat with grated onion

• Add salt and pepper to it

In another bowl, you should make the garlic yogurt:

• Beat yogurt with garlic

• Add enough salt to it

After that, it is the time to continue the other steps to make dough:

Recipe of Turkish Manti
Recipe of Turkish Manti

• Roll the dough thinly as a sheet on a floured surface

• Cut the dough into small squares of 1.5 to 2.5 centimeters

• Put some fillings between each piece of dough

• Pinch opposite corners and press the seams together

• Put all of them in a greasy oven dish

• Bake them without a cover for 10 minutes

• Take them out of the oven to be cooled

• Freeze some of them for next usage up to 3 weeks

• Put hot water and salt in a pan to be boiled

• Put dumplings in the pan to be cooked for 8 to 10 minutes

• Drain the water and return them to the pan

• Add some olive oil to them in order not to stick together

• Mix pepper, mint and sauce on another hot pan for 1 to 2 minutes

• Serve dumplings on a dish and add garlic yogurt and sauce

• Decorate it with dried mint, sumac and red pepper flakes

Turkish Manti

This Turkish Manti is not a very time-taking food to cook but it needs special skills to make the dough well. It usually takes about 90 minutes to prepare and cook this tasty food.


Yogurt is a special ingredient in Turkish foods. People are interested to add yogurt to Turkish Manti (Turkish rendition of ravioli) which tastes great and makes a really delicious food.

This food may seem a minced-meat-filled dumpling to a person who is not Turkish; while, it is a special food for Turkish people.

Its ingredients and the recipe may vary in different regions but all of them know Turkish Manti as small balls of dough filled with meat or vegetables which can be eaten with a type of sauce.

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