Introduction of Bilkent University in Turkey

Bilkent University in Turkey
Bilkent University in Turkey

Bilkent University in Turkey : Turkey is a good country for life and education. If you want to find a university with good tuition fee, prominent professors and a great ranking, Bilkent University, located near Ankara, is one of the best options. This university is one of the top three universities of Turkey which focuses on high levels of training and research.

Background of Bilkent University

Bilkent University is known as the first private, non-profit university in Turkey.

Professor Ihsan Dogramaci founded this university in 1984 to develop research and higher education to better level.

Name of this university is the short form of “bilim kenti” which means city of learning and science.

From its establishemnet, this university focused on improving the level of research and teaching.

Therefore, it started doing different projects with other universities and started exchange program which has helped Bilkent University to have this program in a good level.

Also, this university connects its final year students with companies to obtain more sills in their field and be hired.

The other good point about this university is its professors who have taken their degrees from great universities and have the experience of working in North American and European universities.

The purpose of Bilkent University is not giving a degree or a job to its students because it is beyond these points.

This university pays more attention to train some students, who are mature enough to think and learn.

As a result, creativity, independent thinking and acceptable social and ethical behaviors are of high value in this university.

Bilkent University
Bilkent University

bilkent university ranking

Turkish Universities Ranking :

Bilkent University has a high rank in various fields based on different rankings:

• CWTS Leiden Ranking (2019): the percentage of open-access publications in this university has the highest rank among all universities.

• Times Higher Education Asia University Ranking (2018): this university has the ranking of 54th among 359 universities, and it is one of the top three universities in Turkey.

• Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) Graduate Employability Ranking (2018): this university has the highest rank in Turkey with a band overall of 251-300.

During different years, this university has always been one of the top universities in the world and Turkey.

bilkent university ranking
bilkent university ranking

Location and Transportation

Bilkent University is situated 12 km away from city center of Ankara, Turkey.

There is a free bus every hour from city center to the university.

This 500 hectares university has three campuses named Main, Middle, and East.

There is a free bus service to get to each building.

As Bilkent University admits international students to study there, other transportation vehicles are mentioned for those who do not live in Ankara:

• Bus: you arrive at Ankara Intercity Terminal because every city in Turkey has a direct bus to this terminal; then you can take a taxi or minibus to get to the university.

• Train: you can take a train at Turkish Republic Railways from central station to the university.

• Plane: International Airport of Ankara Esenboga is 28 km away from city center. You can take a bus to the city center and after that take a bus, train or taxi to Bilkent University.

Programs in Bilknet University

Different faculties of Bilkent University offer 29 majors in undergraduate level to get the bachelor’s degree and 59 majors in graduate level to get the master’s degree and Ph.D.

The list of majors is as the following:

• Faculty of art, design, and architecture

o Architecture

o Communication and design

o Fine arts

o Graphic design

o Interior architecture and environmental design

o Urban design and landscape architecture

• Faculty of business administration

o Management

• Faculty of economics, administrative and social sciences

o Economics

o History

o International relations

o Political science and public administration

o Psychology

• Faculty of education

o Computer and instructional technology

o Education sciences and teacher education

o Teaching English as a foreign language

• Faculty of engineering

o Computer engineering

o Electrical and electronics engineering

o Industrial engineering

o Mechanical engineering

• Faculty of humanities and letters

o American culture and literature

o Archeology

o English language and literature

o Philosophy

o Translation and interpretation

o Turkish literature

• Faculty of law

o Law

• Faculty of science

o Chemistry

o Mathematics

o Molecular biology and genetics

o Physics

• Faculty of music and performing arts

o Music

o Performing arts

Bilkent University in Turkey
Bilkent University in Turkey

Bilkent University in Turkey

There are 13000 students studying at Bilkent University at the moment and 63% of them got a scholarship.

Faculty members of this university are 800 people and about one-fourth of them are from other countries. The lessons are taught in English at Bilkent University. Professors and students have a good relationship

which intrigues them to have some research. There are a lot of facilities for students in this university; such as :

• Library: it is famous because of its huge collection of books and journals. It is the biggest academic library in Turkey.

• Dormitories: they have a safe atmosphere with a capacity of 4360 students.

• Student clubs: they offer several subjects which can be done in students’ free time; such as art and sport

• Sport halls: fitness center, indoor swimming pool and athletic fields

• Concert hall: symphony orchestra has several performances in this place every year.

As Bilkent University is located near Capital city of Turkey, it gives a great chance to students, especially international ones, to experience a new social, cultural and educational atmosphere.

Nice structure
Nice structure

Research Centers and Awards

Apart from Bilkent University’s great faculties, there are a lot of research centers which give students more opportunities to practice what they study:

• Acoustics and underwater technologies research center

• Ahmed Adnan Saygun center for music research and education

• Aysel Sabuncu brain research center

• Bilkent center for advanced studies

• Center of applied research on global issues

• Center for research in transitional societies

• Center for Russian studies

• Oguz Tansel Turkish literature research center

• Center for Turkish politics and history

• Communications and spectrum management research center

• Energy policy research center

• Halil inalcik center for Ottoman studies

• Institute of materials science and nanotechnology

• Law and economics implementation and research center

• Nanotechnology research center

• National magnetic resonance research center

In order to encourage the faculties for more training and research, Bilkent University competes in different competitions and it usually gets some awards.

The most important ones which have both national and international values are listed below:

• Bilkent Distinguised Teaching Awards

• TUBITAK Awards

• TUBA Awards

• Sedat Simavi Foundation Awards

• Parlar Foundation Awards

• IEEE Awards

• European Research Council Projects

• European Molecular Biology Organization Installation Grants

• Alexander Von Humboldt Foundation Awards

• Fulbright Research Grant

• Science Academy Awards

• Best Paper Awards

If you are interested to have a different foreign experience living in an Asian-European country and study in a university to develop your educational level, Bilkent University is the best option. This university is among the top three universities of Turkey based on a ranking in 2020.

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