Introduction of Bodrum in Turkey


Bodrum : A city which is known for its natural and historical aspects is Bodrum. It is a port city situated at the junction of the Mediterranean and Aegean Sea that attracts a lot of tourists to this part of Turkey every year. There are nice hotels in this city overlooking its beautiful nature.

Introduction of Bodrum

Bodrum is located in a province in the southwest of Aegean Region called Mugla in Turkey.

The city of Bodrum was previously called Halicarnassus and was famous for its Mausoleum of Mausolus which was one of the ancient seven wonders.

This city is situated between the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea to make an attractive peninsula.

Bodrum is a well-known place for summer holidays because of its great atmosphere, fresh night life, beautiful nature and various shopping centers. Fabulous beaches, warm blue water and different sea species make this place a really astonishing spot for tourists.

Bodrum has an area of about 656.06 square kilometers with a population of 36401 people based on the latest census.

Apart from its nature, Bodrum has a prosperous history which dates back to many years ago about the 2nd century.

It has some ancient historical buildings which are the symbols of ancient Greek settlers.

Combination of natural and historical sites create a fantastic place for travelers who like to a n amazing holiday and enjoy their time to visit various places based on their taste and mood.

A fabulous beach in Bodrum
A fabulous beach in Bodrum

Natural Places to Visit

Due to great location of Bodrum in the coast of Turkey, some places should be visited because there are some entertainments which can be done to double the pleasure of holiday.

• Ozzlife Boat Tours: you can take a short trip around the coast by cruise to see the shore and have various food and drink.

• Palmarina: it is a marina which should be gone to relax under palm trees, enjoy night life and buy souvenirs.

• Gumusluk: it is an astonishing place with clean beaches, cobbled streets, and restaurants overlooking the sea to relax and enjoy your visit.

• Bardakci Cove: it is a cove with palm trees and beaches which can be seen from the hotels around there.

• Aegean Gingers Segway Tours: it is a short trip with a funny transportation to explore the city. People are divided into groups with a guide to learn some training and safety advice.

• Yahsi Beach: it is an excellent place for walking, sunbathing and eating various food and drinks.

Historical Places to Visit

As Bodrum has a historical aspect in the history of Turkey, there are some places that worth visiting in your trip to this city:

• Bodrum Castle or Castle of St. Peter: it went back to medieval times and was built in 1402. This castle is changed to a museum at the moment.

• Museum of Underwater Archaeology: it is a place to show amazing things related to marine life. There is a famous shipwreck and other things which were found by excavations in the coast of Turkey.

• White windmills: they can be seen in different parts of Bodrum and were considered for grinding flour in the past. They are restored to attract tourists.

• Ancient Amphitheater: it is a symbol of Bodrum’s culture which dates back to before the Roman Era.

• Mausoleum of Halicarnassus:

• Karakaya Village: it is a traditional village with over 300 years age. One half of the city is destroyed and the other half is restored by the settlers.

• Myndos Gate: it has seen a bloody battle during the reign of Alexander the Great.

• Zeki Muren Museum: it was the house of Zeki Muren which is changed to a museum now. He made Bodrum a popular tourist attraction.


Architecture and Festivals of Bodrum

Buildings in Bodrum are made of some local materials such as clay, stone, cane and wood.

The buildings are built in prismatic shapes with simple designs. Most of them have a white color in their exterior design and a blue color for the windows and doors.

There is a tradition why they select these colors. They believe that blue color preserves them from bad luck.

As Bodrum is a port city, there are a lot of bugs and scorpions, so the white color of the walls let the inhabitants know if there is a danger.

In addition, it is a law in this city that all homes must have a white color for their exterior walls and if people do not pay attention, they will be punished to keep the historical and cultural aspects of the city alive.

Bodrum is the host of some national and international festivals every year. Three most popular ones are:

• International Ballet Festival: it is held in the summer every year.

• International Biennia: it is held from 2014.

• Baroque Music Festival

Shopping in Bodrum

There are numerous things which can be done in Bodrum. One of the most interesting ones is shopping which has a lot of fans.

Different markets and shopping centers are situated in this city. People can buy their necessities from supermarkets or big places which sell various products.

In addition, the following places can be visited when you intend to buy something special:

• Local open markets: a place to buy fresh fruit, vegetables, flowers, birds and other products.

• Market in Kale Caddesi: a place to buy jewelry and leather

• Milta Marina Shopping center: a modern place to buy some expensive stuff

• Neyzen Teyfik Caddesi: a place to buy carpets and kilims

• Oasis Shopping Center: a place to buy different clothes, furniture and a lot of other things

Weather Conditions and Transportation

The city of Bodrum has a Mediterranean climate with its hot and sunny summers. Winters of this city are humid and mild with average temperature of 15 degrees centigrade.

The nearest airport to Bodrum has a distance of about 35 kilometers and is called Bodrum-Milas.

There are also some other airports near to this city from some cities of Turkey such as Dalaman and Izmir which are 3 hours away.

The other transportation vehicle in this city is the shuttle service which takes tourists and passengers from airport to the city center in 45 minutes.

Some bus and minibus companies offer services to people who want to move to other cities of Turkey. Daily ferryboats are the other transportation vehicles to carry tourists in different seasons.

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