Izmir, Pearl of Turkey

Nice view of Izmir
Nice view of Izmir

Izmir, Turkey

Izmir is one of the populated, beautiful and important cities in Turkey which attracts a lot of tourists every year.

It has a great beach resort for natural and historical sites. Mediterranean Sea makes this city a great international port which is famous all over the world for business purposes.

Introduction of Izmir

Izmir is a city located in western part of Anatolia in the region of Aegean.

Izmir is the third populated city in Turkey with a population of 2972900 people based on the census in 2019.

This city, which is known as the pearl of Turkey, which is surrounded by the Gulf of Izmir, Gediz River Delta and Alluvial Plain from different sides.

The previous name of this city was Smyrna which was a Greek word and it was changed in 1930.

This city is situated in a good location and its history has been fruitful because of the Mediterranean Sea.

Izmir has 11 urban districts which are Konak, Cigli, Guzelbache, Balcova, Karabaglar, Bornova, Narlidere, Buca, Karsiyaka, Bayrakli, and Gaziemir.

There are some other cities near it such as Ephesus, Pergamon, Sardis, Klazomenai, Kusadasi, Cesme, Mordogan and Foca which can be important to increase the level of international tourism and economy of this region.

The port of Izmir is well-known for its role in international exports.

Izmir is among the oldest cities for living near the Mediterranean Sea.

Various excavations and archaeology investigations show that this city has experienced three levels and two of them are of prehistoric times.

Inhabitants of this region firstly lived on top of Mount Yamanlar. Archaeological studies of Bronze Age showed a Mycenaean settlement which were destroyed during wars.

Nice view of Izmir
Nice view of Izmir

Tourist Attractions

There are a lot of tourist attractions in this city of Turkey which can be selected based on the taste and preferences of people. Some of the most important ones are listed below:

• Tomb of Tantalus: it is excavated in 1835 on Mount Yamanlar.

• Agora: it dates back to the fourth century with its great colonnade and gate.

• Kadifekale: it was a fortress in the Greek Era but now it has some ruins of a theater and some building. It has a nice view of the Gulf of Izmir.

• Kemeralti Market: a lot of stores and cafes are located in this market from the 17th century.

• Clock Tower: it was built by a French architect in 1901 as a gift.

• Ataturk Museum: it shows clothes, furniture and other belongings of Ataturk during his stay in this city.

• Bird Paradise: it is a sanctuary for a variety of birds’ species in a place about 80 square kilometers.

• Asansor: it is an elevator to move people from top of the cliff to the seaside. It is possible to see the view of city and enjoy it with a reasonable price.

• Alsancak: it is a place for walking near the seaside, see traditional houses of Greeks, and eat in restaurant or pastry shops.

The Clock Tower, Izmir
The Clock Tower, Izmir

Beaches in Izmir Province

As Izmir Province is located by the sea, it has a lot of attractive beaches to spend time and do watersports.

The list of some beaches in this province is mentioned below which can be chosen based on your distance:

• Ilica: it was previously a place for rich people to spend their holidays but at the moment a lot of people from different levels go there. It is famous for its hot springs and golden beach.

• Alacati: it is an Aegean town which is famous for its windmills, vineyards and architecture. It is a good place to go kite surfing and wind surfing.

• Urla: it was a famous cultural place in traditional times and a regularly used port.

• Cesmealti: it has long beaches which are attractive for tourists. It is 36 km away from Izmir but its beaches and swimming pools are the destination of a lot of people in the summer.

• Mordogan: it has a good road for those who come from Izmir. There are a lot of facilities such as restaurants and accommodation for tourists.

• Akkum: this beach has some ancient ruins, a small yacht harbor and some places for eating or drinking.

• Foca: it is located 69 km away from city center of this city which is along the shore with beautiful animal species.

Seaside of the city
Seaside of the city

Local Food and Festivals

Aegean and Mediterranean cuisines are famous because of fresh vegetables used in local foods. Some popular local foods in Izmir are :

• Tarhana Soup: it is a soup made of tomatoes and dried yogurt.

• Sulu Kofte: it is boiled wheat with meat.

• Zerde: it is sweetened rice with saffron.

• Mucver: it is made from zucchini and eggs.

• Kumru: it is a sandwich made with tomato and cheese.

There a lot of festivals to gather a lot of people with similar interests next to each other to enjoy their time. Some of them are:

• International Izmir Festival: a lot of music groups and performers from different regions around the world play their artworks in this city of Turkey every year from June to July.

• Izmir European Jazz Festival: masters and lovers of jazz music gather together to transfer love and peace to each other.

• International Izmir Short Film Festival

Vegetables in Turkey
Vegetables in Turkey

Weather Conditions and Transportation in Izmir

This city, located near the Mediterranean Sea in Turkey, has a Mediterranean climate.

Therefore, it has dry, hot and log summers; while, its winters are rainy and mild to cool.

There is usually no snowfall in this city. Temperature of a year varies from 10 degrees Celsius in winter to 40 degree Celsius in summer.

There are different transportation ways to arrive in this city :

• Plane: national and international flights to this city arrive at the Adnan Menderes International Airport.

• Bus: a broad service to move people and passengers to different parts of the city.

• Ferries: there are some urban ferries lines to move people in the Gulf of Izmir.

• Metro: it is one main line which will be extended in the future.

• Light rail (IZBAN): it is the most crowded railway in Turkey.

• Tram: it is the newest system in this city with two independent lines.

The road distance between Izmir and Istanbul is about 490 kilometers which facilitates traveling there for those who are stayed in Istanbul and want to see this port city in following days.

Overall, Izmir is a nice city in Turkey which is known as the pearl of this country because of its rich history, lovely climate, amazing cuisine, great sightseeing, and its location as an international port city.

Izmir international port
Izmir international port
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