Map of Turkey and Turkey Cities

Map of Turkey
Map of Turkey

Map of Turkey and Turkey Cities : One of the important devices to find the location of a country or city is to use a paper map or an electronic one on Google Earth which facilitate getting information about a special location.

Map of Turkey can give some information about this country such as its geographical ones.

Map of Turkey

For reaching the map of Turkey, there are some alternatives and one of them is to surf the Internet to find all needed details.

You can easily use Google earth for showing the cities and landscapes of Turkey and all related fantastic details. Using Google Earth is easy and it also provides different kinds of information.

Your smartphone, tablet, and computer system are ready to be set with this extraordinary map, so we highly recommend all travelers not to miss the advantages of it.

Before the time that these kinds of extraordinary apps became more handy and useful to work on different kinds of devices, using a paper map was the only item.

Most of the travelers took one of them as soon as they reach their destination; however, today the condition is changed.

Turkey is located in southwestern Asia. Turkey is bordered by the Black Sea to the north, the Mediterranean Sea to the southwest, Bulgaria and Greece to the northwest, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Iran to the east, and Iraq and Syria to the south.

Geographical Map of Turkey

The map of Turkey brings all information about cities and their distance. During your trip, you need these kinds of information to reach your intended attractions.

Within the borders of this country, there are 81 provinces and 923 districts.

• Çatalca, located in Istanbul Province

• Gelibolu, located in Çanakkale Province

• İçel (Silifke), located in Mersin Province

• Kozan, located in Adana Province

• Şebinkarahisar, located in Giresun Province

• Elazığ Madeni, located in Elazığ Province

• Genç, located in Bingöl Province

• Doğubeyazıt, located in Ağrı Province

• Siverek, located in Şanlıurfa Province

Land and Resources of Turkey

Online map of Turkey considers all information and data from different places, this makes us find our way easily.

All updated online maps of Turkey also bring information about the nearest gas or petrol stations, accommodations, restaurants and especially attractive destination that is why we highly recommend you to get one of them.

You can reach the map of Turkey before starting your trip. This brings you the opportunity to find out more about Turkey.

Some information about various locations in Turkey will be prepared and do not hesitate to take advantage of new technology during your journey. Adding some useful apps on your smartphone makes things easy to reach. Map of Turkey shows various locations of Turkey:

• Agean Sea

• Antalya Korfezi

• Aras River

• Beysehir Golu Lake

• Black Sea

• Buyuk Menderes River

• Edremit Korfezi

• Egridir Golu Lake

• Euphrates River

• Gemlik Korfezi

• Great Zab River

• Kizilirmak (Halys River)

• Kurbaga Golu Lake

• Kus Golu Lake

• Marmara Denizi

• Mediterranean Sea

• Peri River

• Seyfe Golu Lake

• Tersakan Golu Lake

• Tigris River

• Tuz Golu Lake

• Tuzla Golu Lake

• Ulubat Golu Lak

• Yesilirmak River

The following cities are shown in Map of Turkey :

• Adana, Adapazari

• Adiyaman

• Afyon, Amasya

Ankara (Angora)


• Antioch

• Artvin, Batumi

• Bodrum, Bursa

• Cankiri, Carsamba

• Corum, Denizli

• Diyarbakir

• Edime, Eregli

• Erzincan, Erzurum

• Eskisebir


• Gazipasa

• Inebolu, Isparta

Istanbul (Constantinople)

Izmir (Smyrna)

• Izmit, Karabuk

• Karakose

• Karaman

• Kastamonu

• Kayseri

• Kesan

• Kirikkale

• Kirklareli

• Konya

• Kurtalan

• Kutahya

• Malatya

• Manisa

• Mardin

• Marmaris

• Mersin

• Mus

• Nigde

• Ordu

• Samsun

• Silifke

• Sinop

• Sivas

• Tarsus

• Tatvan

• Tekirdag

• Tokat

• Trabzon

• Uskudar

• Van

• Zonguldak

Following regions and sub-regions are shown in the map of Turkey :

• Aegean Region

 o Aegean Section

• Edremit Area

• Bakırçay Area

• Gediz Area

• İzmir Area

• Küçük Menderes Area

• Büyük Menderes Area

• Menteşe Area

 o Inner Western Anatolia Section

• Black Sea Region

 o Western Black Sea Section

• Inner Black Sea Area

• Küre Mountains Area

 o Central Black Sea Section

• Canik Mountains Area

• Inner Central Black Sea Area

 o Eastern Black Sea Section

• Eastern Black Sea Coast Area

• Upper Kelkit – Çoruh Gully

• Central Anatolia Region

 o Konya Section

• Obruk Plateau

• Konya – Ereğli Vicinity

 o Upper Sakarya Section

• Ankara Area

• Porsuk Gully

• Sündiken Mountain Chain Area

• Upper Sakarya Area

• Konya – Ereğli Vicinity

 o Middle Kızılırmak Section

 o Upper Kızılırmak Section

• Eastern Anatolia Region

 o Upper Euphrates Section

 o Erzurum – Kars Section

 o Upper Murat – Van Section

• Upper Murat Area

• Van Area

 o Hakkari Section

• Marmara Region

 o Çatalca – Kocaeli Section

• Adapazarı Area

• Istanbul Area

 o Ergene Section

 o Southern Marmara Section

• Biga – Gallipoli Area

• Bursa Area

• Karesi Area

• Samanlı Area

 o Yıldız Section

• Mediterranean Region

 o Adana Section

• Çukurova – Taurus Mountains Area

• Antakya – Kahramanmaraş Area

 o Antalya Section

• Antalya Area

• Göller Area

• Taşeli – Mut Area

• Teke Area

• Southeastern Anatolia Region

 o Middle Euphrates Section

• Gaziantep Area

• Şanlıurfa Area

 o Tigris Section

• Diyarbakır Area

• Mardin – Midyat Area

Distinction of the Regions

The following information shows the characteristics of every region :

• The Aegean Region has :

       • the longest coastline

• The Black Sea Region has:

       • highest annual precipitation

       • largest forest area

       • fewest sunshine hours

       • most landslides

• The Central Anatolia Region has:

       • lowest annual precipitation,

       • most erosion

• The Eastern Anatolia Region has:

       • largest area

       • highest altitude

       • lowest annual temperature

       • coldest winters

       • highest temperature alteration between seasons

       • most volcanic activity

       • smallest population

       • highest[vague] mineral resources

• The Marmara Region has:

       • smallest area

       • lowest altitude[dubious – discuss]

       • most climate diversity

       • highest energy consumption,

       • coolest summers,

       • largest population

• The Mediterranean Region has:

       • highest annual temperature

       • mildest winters

       • wettest winters,

       • most greenhouse farming

• The Southeastern Anatolia Region has:

       • hottest summers

       • driest summers

       • smallest forest area

       • most sunshine hours

Map of Turkey at Travel

Map of turkey at travel is one of the most necessary items for all travelers. As we mentioned before, there are a lot of chances for finding it.

Using the map of Turkey during your trip saves you from being lost and struggling. We all are in trouble if we lose our way and do not find our intended destination.

Time is short and you do not have time to waste it during your journey that is why we highly recommend you to use a map.

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