Pamukkale Visiting


Visiting Pamukkale

Pamukkale is one of the tourist attractions of Turkey, located near Denizli.

You can take a short trip from every city of Turkey because it is simple to take a vehicle to get there. You can find a lot of natural and historical hobbies in your one day visit which can be memorable for whole your life.

General Introduction of Pamukkale

Pamukkale is a natural place located in Denizli, Turkey.

There is a lot of amount of carbonate minerals which are helpful for health.

This area with its mild weather is in the River Menderes Valley, near Inner Aegean region.

This place is also called as cotton castle because of its white appearance.

On top of this castle, there is a city named Hierapolis which is an ancient holy city.

During centuries, this white area is shaped because of its calcium-rich springs which are made due to some huge earthquakes.

This calcium is made of huge sources of water under the earth heated by volcanic lava.

After that this calcium enters the soil and makes travertine, calcium cascades frozen in the stones.

This castle and city were made for about two millennia ago.

Previously, the water flowed between the rocks and made a beautiful view; but these days the hot water is only kept in cascades.

There are different pools of hot water and tea garden with nice shadows of pine trees to take a short rest while walking this way.

You can also see Roman baths as an Archeological Museum. It will be a good experience to walk barefoot on the land, see the nice Roman architecture and go swimming in the Antique Pool and sleep a night in a motel in this magnificent location.

It is possible to rent a car, take a taxi, minibus or bus to get to this place from every city.

You can enter the Ancient pool from the north by buying a ticket, then walk on a stone road for 20 to 30 minutes to arrive the pool and museum, located in the middle of Pamukkale and the ruins of Hierapolis.

You can walk in travertine pools to arrive at town of Pamukkale after 30 minutes.

There is not a specific route and you should find it.

As this area is a kind of natural heritage, you are not allowed to walk with your shoes; so you need to take your shoes off before entering this place.

Pamukkale - Top tourist attractions in Turkey
Pamukkale – Top tourist attractions in Turkey

Tips to Travel

There are some tips which can help you have a better and stress-free adventure:

• As you want to enjoy visiting this place in a time which is not very crowded, you can sleep the night before in a residential place in Pamukkale village and the next morning walk in this natural place.

Late afternoon is a very busy time. Therefore, spring and autumn in the morning are the best times to visit this location.

• You need to bring some items with yourself to enjoy your day.

A bathing suit, a bag to keep your shoes, a small lunch, enough water, sunscreen cream and sunglasses are the important things which you need to carry.

• Two hotels of Melrose Hotel and Hotel Hal-Tur are the best places to sleep a night during this short trip.

• There is no online ticket booking; so you need to be at the entrance to get a ticket but you can check the starting and finishing times of the pool online because the other parts are available 24/7.

• You need to be careful in some places with running water because they will be slippery.

Best places to visit in Turkey
Best places to visit in Turkey

Visiting Its Tourist Attractions

There are some places that can be visited based on your time and mood:

• The Antique Pool: it is remained from Roman times, which was used for spa.

It is now a place for swimming, sitting, drinking and eating snacks. You need to get a ticket before entering the pool.

• Hierapolis: among the ruins of this city, you will find a theater built after 60 AD.

It had 300 feet with 50 rows for sitting in seven sections.

There is also a museum in this city which was the Roman bath house in the past.

At the moment, it shows different types of stones remained from past.

• Laodikeia: it is 12 km away from Pamukkale from south.

It was the house of Cicero. It is a historical place with its ruins which were a crowded place for life and business in the past.

• Denizli: this city is usually ignored by the tourists but you can visit Denizli Old City, Kaklik Cave, Aphrodesias and Tripolis.

There are a lot of other places which worth visiting; such as Caravanserais, Civril, Karahayit hot springs, Colossae and Saraykoy.

Shopping in Town of Pamukkale

As a tourist who likes to have a souvenir of where he or she visits, you may like to buy a gift from this place.

Some of the options may not be suitable to be bought as a gift but you can take a photo of them to add to your diary notes.

This place is famous for cotton clothes and handmade items. You can find different bathing suits, towels and leather clothes.

Denizli rooster is very popular. Also, this area is famous for producing high quality glass.

Two precious stones of Onyx and Marble can be found in this region; so you can find a lot of tools made of these stones. It is also possible to try Pamukkale wine there.


Benefits of Visiting Pamukkale

There is an old story about this place. It tells that; many years ago, there was an ugly girl and nobody wanted to marry her.

One day, she made a decision to suicide; so threw herself off the travertine. She fell in the pool and her face changed to a beautiful girl.

The Lord of Denizli who was passing from that place, fell in love with her and they married.

Therefore; people believe that the water of this place has an effect to make people beautiful.

Also, this water has a lot of other effects for the health of body which can be helpful to heal :

• High blood pressure

• Stroke

• Nervous and physical exhaustion

• Circulatory problems

• Nutritional disorders

• Kidney stones

• Rheumatism

• Eye and skin diseases

• Digestive maladies

• Chronic disease

In conclusion, if you travel to Turkey to have a relaxing holiday, you can have a short visit to Pamukkale and enjoy its nature and the surrounding beauty.

It can be memorable by taking photos and being followed by a fabulous partner who is interested in adventure.

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